What people say

We can tell you about our pass rates and why we come so highly recommended but talk is cheap. I will leave our customers to do the talking for us.


Tajun Ram 24th June Leicester

Pass first time with 0 minors

I would like to thank YDA for helping me pass first time with 0 minors !. Both instructors Vernon and Hassan were great. Both had good patients. They had also made my driving experience very pleasant and easy. Also there communication were very good. So if your learning to drive have a try with these guys and i'm sure you wont be disappointed.


Amy Lancashire 28th November 2018 Leicester

I Passed yesterday FIRST TIME all thanks to her

After having many lessons at 17 and again at 21 I severely lacked confidence in driving. After a few years off I decided to start again with your driving academy. Bhupinder is the best instructor I have ever had, she's completely put my mind at ease while driving. I passed yesterday first time all thanks to her!


Maryam Tahir 30th October 2018 Leicester

I want to thank Ehtesham for being very patient and understanding.

I want to thank Ehtisham for being very patient and understanding. He has helped me to acheive my goal of passing my driving test. I am so grateful to him and will definetly recommend YDA to anyone who wants to learn quality driving. Thank you once again YDA for everything. Maryum


Georgia Boorne Leicester 11th April 2018

I suffer with so much anxiety

YDA is honestly the best. I suffer with so much anxiety and Ehtesham really helped me to get over my fears and nerves. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a driving school in Leicester. The prices are affordable and the instructors are really good. Thank you so much YDA!

All the best,



Maleeha Rangara Leicester 4th April 2018

Exceptional, calm teaching skills.

Driving lessons with Ehtesham for the past year has been great! He is a patient gentlemen who has exceptional, calm teaching skills. After taking lessons, I have not only passed my driving lessons but have achieved good driving ability for everyday life.


John TOms Leicester 21st March 2018

Recommending him to everyone...

First of I would like to thank etty for all your help with passing my test.i will be recommending him to everyone who wants lessons. What a top man you are very professional and polite thankyou once again


Harry Harnden 27th June 2015 West End, Leicester

Could not have had a better experience

Could not have had a better experience than what I had with YDA, in particular, Etty, who always believed in me and pushed me to go that extra bit! A true bloke and I can safely say anyone learning alongside Etty will have a fantastic experience and your chances of passing quickly is massive. Thank you so much for everything - will actually miss the lessons and the many jokes we shared along the way!!


Inese Korica 6th July 2015 Leicester

Brilliant driving instructor

Thank you RANA!!! Brilliant driving instructor - passed my driving test on my first attempt and I would definitely recommend this driving academy! Rana is the best driving instructor you could wish for. He is highly skilled, patient, professional, and very good natured. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Kishan Patel 19th March 2015 Leicester

Passing first time...

After passing my test first time, I felt the need to give feedback to Your Driving Academy. In only a few months of learning with the Academy, I was given the confidence to take my test by my instructor. At the time when he told me that I should take my test I was slightly unsure if I would have been able to pass, but with his reassurance I went a head with the test.
My Instructor Etti, was kind, friendly and helpful during every lesson. His aim throughout was to ensure that I learnt the skills in order to be safe on the road and not just to pass my driving test. So now I feel like I am able enough to go out on the road by myself without having any problems. I would highly recommend YDA if you're wanting to pass your test soon, as the quality of service that they provide is worth every penny and you will be soon driving away with your pink licence.


Michael Andrew City Centre 2nd March 2015

They were exactly what I needed and more

After numerous failed tests and a break from driving I chose to use YDA to re-learn and re-take my test, and I am so glad that I did!!! My instructor Etty was patient and knowledgeable, and didn't simply teach me how to pass the test but how to become a better driver in general. They were exactly what I needed and more! Thanks again Etty and YDA!


Aqsa Mamad January 2015

I passed first time round

I was very happy with my experience learning to drive with YDA driving school, I would highly recommend them to friends and family. My instructor Etty was always very calm and gave me his honest opinion on my driving and what I could do to improve. Etty was also so patient and never lost his temper with me, his patience made it easier for me, as a learner a patient instructor like Etty is definitely what you need! Thank you Etty for all your help, I passed the first time round because of you;)

Driving Lessons Leicester - Ashika Test Pass

Ashika Patel September 2014 Evington, Leicester

You helped me pass first time...

I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to your driving academy for having such patience and giving me a more individual response on my driving rather than general advice which I had previously had. Thank you once again, you helped me pass first time in just 5 months!


Umer Jadoon 13th June 2014 Knighton

5 stars out of 5!

"Passed my test today 1st attempt! Brother Hassan was amazing throughout my lessons what an absolute instructor he is thanks for helping me do it Hassan your a legend and thanks Your Driving Academy I would give you 5 starts out of 5!"


Lia Jones South wington 8th April 2014.

Very patient and understanding

"Just passed my driving test first time with YDA and I would definitely recommend this driving academy! I came from another instructor who I didn’t get along with, but my new instructor, Ehtesham, was very patient and understanding. I had a great time and have already recommended this school to my friends!"


Sathees Gopalan South wington 6th March 2014.

Clear in first attempt

"Thank You YDA and Ethesham for your lessons over the last several weekends. You helped me to clear my practical exam today in my first attempt. Your ability to observe and provide feedback on my mistakes is commendable. I am 100% sure I wouldn’t have cleared it without your continuous guidance and the way your instil confidence within us. Thank You. Its just one license in my lifetime and you will be remembered for ever ! Wishing You all the best ! I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for lessons."


Naeem Shareef 6th February 2014 Highfields

Etty is the best!

"Etty is the best driving instructor you could wish for. His calm, patient approach always makes you feel comfortable and in control.
Thank you for the fantastic instruction that allowed me to pass. Your understanding and faith in my ability helped me learn everything I needed to pass but also saved me from wasting money on lessons that I didn’t need like other driving school would. As I had experience in driving just 5 hours of driving were enough as recommend by Etty. I would definitely recommend Etty to anyone who wants to learn driving and wants to pass.
Cheers Mr Etty
Thanks again for all your help I really appreciate"


Prashant City Centre 6th December 2014

Fantastic experience!

"Driving lessons with Ehtesham as my driving instructor has been a fantastic experience. Although I have significant driving experience outside UK it was a new experience getting understand and appreciate driving in the UK.

Being an IT consultant I took my driving lessons when I was in the midst of a high pressure project. My schedules were erratic which I thought might be a problem but Ehtesham were very good at finding mutually convenient slots for my lessons. As for the driving lessons themselves, he had a knack for making me feel at ease at the wheel from the very start. His deep knowledge of the road comes across so well that I knew that I could rely on him to understand and be prepared for any challenge that the comes up on the road.

The most interesting aspect of the training was the through preparation for the test, I felt as if I was custom trained for all possible scenarios that my driving test would throw up. I am pleased that I chose YDA and Ethesham as a result of which I have aced the test in my very first attempt."


Liam Strachan 8th November 2014 Knighton

Recommend YDA!

"Thanks to Etty at YDA for his help, support and guidance not to mention his patience and good humour. I have already recommended YDA to someone who is now a pupil and I would not hesitate to recommend YDA again."


Trishul Bhayani Syston

Amazing experience!

"Had an amazing experience with YDA, passed on my first test, highly recommend! Special thanks to Rana my driving instructor :)"


Tulsi Pala Leicester

Wonderful learning experience!

Thanks for the good wishes Etty, and thank you YDA for giving me such a wonderful learning experience and valuable skills which I will carry with me for the rest of my life. THANKS YDA!


Ahmad Dada Humberstone

Great service!

Follow @ydacademy people great service and pass in a handful of lessons compared to others.. Plus super friendly service!!


Rupal Kavi Belgrave

Etty is an awesome driving instructor!

"I joined YDA with NO previous driving experience and so I have to say that Etty is an awesome driving instructor!! I heard about your driving academy from a family member and am really glad I took my driving lessons with them - best driving school in Leicester. The lessons were fun and enjoyable because Etty is a good laugh. Every lesson was different which kept it interesting. I would definitely recommend YDA to EVERYONE!"


Raitis Granauskis

A big thanks to YDA!

"Passed my driving test 1st time!!! I am well pleased with the results:) It was my first driving school and first driving instructor and first time pass!!!:) A big thanks to MOHAMED AND YDA for that:) I would definitely recomend YDA to anebode who neeeds professional support and perfect results! Thanks guys."


Lucy Underwood Clarendon Park

A friendly and reliable service.

"I passed my test first time after lessons with 'your driving academy'.
A friendly and reliable service which I would recommend to anyone."


Anuradha Lodhi Braunstone

Every lesson was fun as well as challenging

“I imagined driving instructors to be strict and very serious when it comes to driving, but learning to drive with Your Driving Academy, especially with my driving instructor Etty, I was made to feel at ease, as every lesson was fun as well as challenging. I always left each lesson knowing that I had learnt new things or improved in previous faults.As a driver, I lacked a lot of confidence, but with help from Etty and the resources that he used, I was able to build my confidence.Overall, I always thought it would be impossible for me to pass first time due to my nerves, but having an instructor who is friendly, approachable and understanding, I was able to pass both my theory and practical first time without any hassle.
I would just like to take the time to thank you for being patient with me and also having faith in me.
I would definitely recommend my driving instructor, Etty, to friends and family in the future!


Nils Richards Clarendon Park

Fantastic choice for me!

"Being a complete novice driver I found the most important factor in my development was being relaxed and comfortable in my surroundings. Etty is a great character and he certainly made an effort to get to know me and treat my like an individual. We shared some laughs but at the same time there was a good balance of professionalism. YDA proved to be a fantastic choice for me. I would certainly recommend family and friends."


Juliet George Liverpool


"Learning to drive with Y-D-A is absolutely Faaabbb--u-loussss... Highly recommend it!!!" :) :)


Elaine lieu London

Brilliant driving instructor.

Brilliant driving instructor - passed my driving test on my first attempt. He made me feel laid back and relaxed the whole time I was driving and was very professional. He was also very reliable and it was fun driving with him as well - he was entertaining which also calmed my nerves when driving. Easy to get on with and very friendly. Definitely would recommend this driving school :)


Marion Smith City Centre

This was a great bonus!

"After a few pretty disastrous driving lessons with another instructor I gave up and avoided taking lessons for years. I only started lessons again because I had to, and admit to being a tricky person to teach to drive - my co-ordination is rubbish, I don't understand technical stuff at all, and get frustrated really easily. As well as that I hated going faster than 23 miles an hour for ages and am scared of cyclists. Therefore the fact that Etty managed to get me in the car, through the lessons and to pass both my theory and practical tests first time is testament to what a great teacher he is. He is really patient, explains things clearly and repeats them as many times as you need. And, even if you still don't get it, he will take the time to try and help you find a way to understand it and doesn't seem to mind going over it until you do. On top of that he's reliable, punctual, laidback, and makes you feel comfortable being in the car, and with him - conversation is easy, he is a really nice guy and has a sense of humour too! Which after my last instructor, was a great bonus! I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor, especially anyone feeling a bit worried about getting behind the wheel."


Rikesh Patel 6th December 2018 Leicester

Salah's experience built my confidence

I would like to thank YDA and in particular Salah for getting me through my driving test first time with 2 minors.When I first started my lessons, my confidence was so low due to having anxiety but with Salah’s experience he built my confidence and knew how to push me to get the best out of me, I always felt lessons was fun and productive. Anyone looking to pass I would highly recommend them.


Karanvir Kooner Leicester 8th May 2018

Ilir is a great teacher...

I would like to thank Ilir for his great cooperation when teaching me how to drive. I passed today and it was all thanks to Ilir and YDA. Ilir is a great teacher as he is very patient and teaches in a very controlled manner. I would definitely recommend YDA because you will learn how to drive safely from friendly and professional staff. Ilir was a great guy to drive with and i wish YDA and Ilir all the success in the future.


Vydunas Leicester 19th April 2018

I passed with confident from the 1st time!!!

I`m happy that I choose Your Driving Academy found it online just using google review but now definitely recommend to my friends.
Salah Kassem is very professional and good man was fun to learn from him. I passed with confident from the 1st time!!! :)


Sundas Rabbani Leicester 28th February 2018

After having a bad experience with a previous instructor...

After having a bad experience with a previous instructor, I got in touch with YDA and booked lessons with Etty. He was very reliable, efficient and helped me with my confidence. He was very professional and his calmness during lessons show he has a passion for what he does. I am so glad to have my license now and would highly recommend Etty, the best instructor in Leicester!


Kamlesh Bana 12th August 2015 Belgrave, Leicester

Few lesson and in first attempt...

Having driving experience almost more then 8 years in india, I have book one of driving school instructor to take lesson and get my U.K. licensed.My first driving instructor has always de-moralised me and he is more interested in making money.Even after taking more then 20 lessons with him, I fail in my practical test.I book my 2nd time practical test and call up Etty.After taking few lessons with Etty,I got confidence that i can clear my test.Because of Etty and Ilir instruction i pass my driving test.If you want to pass your driving test with few lesson and in 1st attempt I definitely ask you to join YDA.Once again thank you very much Etty and Ilir for helping me to pass my test.


Gloss 17th April 2015 City Centre, Leicester

Professional and polite.

Passed first time with three minors!! Thank you!! I first came across YDA online and was pleasantly surprised to find the team both professional and polite. Good value for money with a multi booking on the lessons and being a grauate student, this was much appreciated. My instructor Hassan has always been patient, encouraging and accomodating which hasnt been easy wth me at the best of times. I was a very anxious and unconfident driver and repetition with the test routes and manoeuvres really helped me feel like a safe driver. I even started to enjoy roundabouts which was an awful experience for me to begin with. After almost 3 years of on/off lessons and a theory test with an expiry date of 3 days after my practical test, it was a bit of a tall order. Hassan really did his best to accomodate me and even offered to help me on the day of my test with extra practice. I was always at ease during my lessons. I highly recommend Hassan and YDA, five stars!! All the best!

Nikul passed his driving test after taking driving lessons in Leicester with Your Driving Academy

Nikul Patel Rushey Mead, Leicester December 2014

Passed first time without even taking all ten lessons...

I booked 10 driving lessons with Etty and I passed the first time without even taking all ten lessons.
Etty is a good instructor.
He was able to make time for me during the week most of the times that I requested, even at a short notice.


Raeesa Khatri City Centre 21st Aug 2014

A Definite recommendation to everyone!

"I passed my driving test on Monday.I took 20 lessons the teaching methods are fantastic. Aswell as the customer service. Overall I thank you for Helping me achieve my drivers license. I would definitely recommend this to anybody whom would like to pass"


Kapil Chudasama Highfields 20th Aug 2014

Thank you Hassan!

"Today I passed my test 1st time with Hassan, he was awesome from the start building my confidence whilst driving along the way. I had approximately 17 lessons and would recommend him to all my friends! He doesn't care about money and does not rip you off! Because of him I passed first time at 17 years old so I can show off to my friends and family haha! THANK YOU HASSAN!"


Rina Pancholi Gipsy Lane 16th April 2014.

One of the best driving instructor!

"Big up to my driving instructor Ehtesham! One of the best driving instructors I’ve come across! I’m definitely going to miss the lessons, I’ve learnt more than just how to drive over the few months! I would highly recommend Your Driving Academy! Thank you for everything you’ve taught me!"


Simran Ghuman South wington 19th March 2014.

Great company for first time learners

"YDA is a great company for first time learners. My instructor was great at teaching and YDA are great at making drivers safe and confident!"


Shahin Mohamad DMU Student 28th Feb 2014

I Just Passed...

"I just passed my practical this morning and glad to say it was because of YDA, i was taught by... the best instructor, who went theough all the steps and manouvres and overall driving calmly, with patience and yeah amazing person with great humor, i am defenetly more confident with a good understanding on the roads, thank you once again. Because i had changed a few instructors i thought i’m never going to make it to my test and wil end up just taking lessons all the time.

"Thank God i came across YDA which has helped me not only building up my confidence but overall understanding driving better and enjoying it at the same time while staying safe.
It’s an amazing driving academy in Leicester so far. Defenetly Highly recommend YDA.

I had a great driving experience, It’s been amazing learning to drive with YDA.
Thank you thank you thank you thank you."


Bilal Esmail Leicester 31st January 2014

Passed in just 7 lessons!

"I Passed On 31st January 2014 And I Am Glad To Say It Was because Of YDA. With Only Having 7 Lessons And After 2 Other Instructors YDA Was By Far The Best Driving School I Have Been To. Having Past With Only 1 Minor, I Was Most Definitely Taught By The Best. YDA Gives You The Confidence You Require, Teaches You The Best Ways To Perform Maneuvers And Do Not EVER Waste Your Time. My Previous Instructors Were Only After One Thing From Me Being Money. They Told Me I Required 20-25 Lessons. Whereas YDA Told Me I Would Only Require 5 And The Other 2 I Chose To Take For My Benefit. This Is A Way Of Me Saying Thank You To YDA. No Regrets With This Choice And Most Definitely Now That Ive Received My License Through The Post Happy Days…"


Noorjahan Islam Chippenham 20th November 2013

Friendly driving instructor!

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Etty for the past couple of months helping me pass my driving test. Coming from a small town where there are no crossroads to a city was nerve wrecking and daunting, but Etty made the transition as smooth as posssible. At times, I would panic and stress and I thought my previous instructor was good until I met Etty. His approach to driving was different in the sense that he doesn't spoon feed you, never tells you the answer therefore you have to figure it out. This way you actually learn and this prepares you for driving independently in he future. A friendly driving instructor with a lot of patience and I mean bucket loads. The availability is good and he always works around your schedule. Would definitely recommend. Once again, THANK YOU!"


Mohsin Nathalia 10th October 2013. Evington

10/10 rating!

"Thanks to you I passed my Driving Test First time. Defo recommend the people who haven't taken lesson to start taking lessons with this team.
10/10 rating."


Heather Lowe City Centre

Highly skilled,patient and professional

"Today I passed my test, thanks to Rana from Your Driving Academy. I had an instructor quit on me a month ago, saying he couldn't teach me in time for the test. Rana to the rescue! He made all the difference. He is highly skilled, patient, professional, and very good natured. I can't recommend Rana enough. Thank you!"


Ranj Nagra Knighton

Etty is a great teacher!

"I joined YDA after a recommendation from a family memberwho had previously took lessons from Etty and passed first time. I had in the past took lessons from several different driving schools and came across many different instructors, non.e of which I found that helped me understand the technical side of driving. I gave up driving lessons many years ago up until this year when I plucked up the courage to try again. From my 1st lesson with Etty,
I actually felt for the 1st time as though I had found the right instructor. I can be hard work at times but Etty never hesitated to go over the same thing over and over again until I fully understood. Fine example of this was my fear of roundabouts and also not knowing which lane I had to be in and Etty spent a few lessons on the Porkpie Island roundabout only until I gained my confidence and understood what lane I had to be in when I would exit the roundabout. Etty is a great teacher never felt uncomfortable or scared unlike with previous instuctors, his cool, calm and collective with a great sense of humour, which goes along way when you sometimes don’t have faith in yourself. I found the driving lessons were enjoyable, in the past I used to dread having lessons but this time my experience was totally different I enjoyed every lesson. I would recommend YDA to everyone you can’t get a better driving school or driving instructor then Etty!"


Jawad Jaffar Leicester

Very supportive and practical!

"I have had a thoroughly enjoyable experience with YDA,who offered a personalised, friendly, yet professional service. After having been through a number of instructors who did not fit my requirements... or were not experienced enough to provide me with the skills required to qualify as a fully licensed driver, I finally came across YDA who were very supportive and practical. I am happy to say that I have passed my test and since then I am a more confident driver because of the life-long driving skills I now possess, all thanks to YDA. "


Jay Leicester

Relaxed style of teaching with competitive prices!

"I would highly recommend YDA and Etty! I first took some driving lessons when I was 17 as part of a birthday present, but when they finished I couldn't afford to carry on with them, and over the years with being at Uni and working from home, I never really needed to learn to drive. So when I bit the bullet and decided to learn, I was a very nervous 29 yea...r old! I did a lot of research into various driving schools, and decided on YDA as the customer reviews were very positive and also the price was competitive! Although I was a nervous learner, Etty's relaxed style of teaching helped me to overcome my nerves, and the fact that I passed both theory and practical tests first time is a testament to him! I also liked the fact that lesson times and days could be varied, to fit in with busy schedules. I have now been driving for 1.5 years, and since passing have proudly become a Mum! I never would have thought I'd have the confidence to go driving with my little boy on my own so soon after passing my test, but I do, and now that I have my son I realise how important being able to drive has become to me. I still get some nerves if I'm driving somewhere new, but that's more to do with my bad orientation skills than the driving! Thanks YDA and Etty!"


Aydin Hassan City Centre

Frienly,helpful and flexible.

“Your Driving Academy helped me pass my driving test efficiently in a short time. I had my lessons and passed my test in only 3 months with only a little previous experience. My driving instructor was friendly, helpful and flexible. Compared to a lot of the bigger driving schools YDA is much cheaper however this does not reflect upon the quality of teaching. Learning to drive with YDA was fun and productive. Could not recommend them anymore.”


Nadia London

Comfortable experience

"When I came to YDA, I had already undertaken lessons with 2 different driving schools. I felt frustrated and became disheartened by my previous instructors, and at my lack of progression. When I started driving with YDA, I regained my confidence and was eventually able to pass my test. I am grateful for Ehtesham's relaxed and understanding nature. Originally being from London, he took me on a variety of roads/surroundings to teach me different styles of driving. Subsequently, I feel comfortable with acknowledging my surroundings, and adapting my driving to suit this. I was recommended this driving school by a friend (who has also passed), and I would definitely recommend them to any one who is keen to drive!"


Anonymous Leicester

Best driving instructor in leicester!

An awesome driving lesson experience from Etty. I personally started taking driving lessons in leicester with Your Driving Academy having had no former experience whatsoever. And i must say the help i received from Etty was outstanding he was extremely helpful always going the extra mile to help me out. I found him to be reliable, punctual but the best thing was i actually had really good fun on my lessons we had a good laugh and it made me feel so much more relaxed. In my opinion Etty has got to be one of the best driving instructors in leicester. I would highly recommend using Etty and Your Driving Academy wether ur a first time driver or someone looking for another Driving school.